Business Process

“It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone.”

Wings of Commerce helps business owners reach for the skies online.

The Business Process follows a procedure to get as much information about the new client to be able to make the right strategic recommendations and then build out a small team to manage the company’s online properties and develop material for different channels.

Most new clients are coming through referrals. In some cases, we are contacting strong business that are surprisingly weak online, where our wings can make an immediate and powerful impact.

After a first contact, we schedule a meeting of our creative team and the business owner. This team is responsible for the overall strategic direction, copy and images and any new software required for each project.

After the first meeting, in person, or by phone or video conference, we produce a strategic memo laying out the overall approach we would take. Typically, a plan will include an overarching strategy, a large list of images and photographs we would compile to begin the project and sample copywriting to give the client a feel for where the campaign should go. We also outline all the different online properties where the company should be present and how each approach would differ.

If the business owner agrees with the strategy and wants to move forward, we create a contract. Once it is signed and deposits received, we go to work.

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