Business Ghostwriting

At the core of conveying business ideas to potential buyers is the writing.

The principal of this company is a former Financial Times correspondent and now a very experienced executive ghostwriter in New York City.  

In the financial world, we have ghostwritten for major hedge funds, investment banks, fintech companies.

In general business, we’ve ghostwritten for large construction conglomerates, industry lobbies and non-profits.  

In real estate, we have been especially active. For the past year, we were the lead ghostwriter for a major retail commercial real estate personality, with a dozen bylines per month, plus an equal number of interview requests and special reports. Before that, we were the ghostwriter for the president of a major New York residential real estate agency.

Why our clients like working with us is because we understand the business concepts at hand, write very effectively, plus also have a great ear that allows us to inhabit their voice.

We would very much to learn more about your plans and would welcome the opportunity to speak about your ideas, at your convenience.