Wings of Commerce

This company was formed to service those gold machines from ancient times used to spread wealth through commerce.

Today, winged wheels connect the dots from the physical to the online world. Wings of Commerce powers your social media.

We develop the best strategy for your company, transform our experts into your product specialists and create a portfolio of copy, images and movies to then send across social media to engage your customers.

Wings of Commerce benefits from economies of scale and precision tools.

Highly-trained technicians work together here for one goal: to repair and rebuild your social machines for the wings of commerce to take flight.

Wings of Commerce, Inc.


CEO – Joshua Levitt –  

Communication, Marketing, Social, Copywriting

CTO – Matthew Kaufman –  

Programming, Data, Cybersecurity

CCO – John Preston, Jr.-  

Creative, Advertising Buy, Media Planning 

COO – Peter Paigecarter – 

Human Resources, Organization

SVP – Mayor Berkowitz –  

Accounts for Industry, Finance, International

SVP – Regina Cocksenby – 

Accounts for Apparel, Jewelry, Beauty, Art

VP – Alex Torgueman –   

Accounts for Software, Pharma, Travel

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