Today, e-commerce is poised to become the largest business in America. Everything we could buy is being listed online for sale. The question becomes how to identify your customers, excite them about what you offer and bring them to your site to close a sale.

The ability to find and buy in an instant is changing how we companies do business and how customers buy what they need. The revolution is focused on connecting the dots that allow companies to complete the circle, connecting supply to demand to delivery.

Our approach to the marketing is the creativity that underlies everything we do.

But it’s also important to mention the technology that needs to underpin this growth. An important problem with many companies has been integrating all of their software – from the website to the warehouse to the shipping.

One particularly thorny project led to designing something called Middleware – a software that could sit in the middle of everything and provide a dashboard to manage all aspects of the business at once.

This design is better than every off the shelf product we tested in developing this unique software — which is why we had to develop it in the first place.

This became the first non-batch middleware developed for all of the popular 3rd party e-commerce managed store vendors including Shopify, BigCommerce, Demandware, VOLUSION. It is built around the open source MAGENTO platform, which is becoming the world standard.

Let us help you so your e-commerce thrives!