Business Ghostwriting

At the core of conveying business ideas to potential buyers is the writing.

The principal of this company is a former Financial Times correspondent and now a very experienced executive ghostwriter in New York City.  

In the financial world, we have ghostwritten for major hedge funds, investment banks, fintech companies.

In general business, we’ve ghostwritten for large construction conglomerates, industry lobbies and non-profits.  

In real estate, we have been especially active. For the past year, we were the lead ghostwriter for a major retail commercial real estate personality, with a dozen bylines per month, plus an equal number of interview requests and special reports. Before that, we were the ghostwriter for the president of a major New York residential real estate agency.

Why our clients like working with us is because we understand the business concepts at hand, write very effectively, plus also have a great ear that allows us to inhabit their voice.

We would very much to learn more about your plans and would welcome the opportunity to speak about your ideas, at your convenience.


Wingy Motors

Wingy Motors is a specialized business unit that runs hyperlocal social media campaigns for auto-related companies — regional dealership networks, classic car dealers and motorcycle shops.

We use engaging imagery, cropped perfectly for the different social platforms, then employ our Artificial Intelligence to build follower networks of local or specialist buyers, and reel them in.

Wingy Motors can also “reverse engineer” those social networks to deliver email addresses and contact data for an entire follower base, perfect for email marketing campaigns.

In addition to social media, Wingy Motors can produce and publish daily email blasts, provide SEO for high search rankings, and produce artwork and ads to place newspaper and television spots.



Wings88 is a high-speed website server hosted on a Linode platform housed in Newark, NJ, USA, with server mirrors and backups in London and Singapore.

The Wings 88 IP address is  The nameservers associated with websites hosted on this platform are and is an alternative hosting option shielded by a Proxy Server and a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to make browsing doubly safe for alternative publishers and their visitors.


Wings31 is the worldwide headquarters of Wings of Commerce, Inc. The company is on the fourth floor, enjoying the double-height ceiling.

On the third floor, Wings31 hosts incubator space for the recipients of the Worldwide Wings Marketing Development Fund, led by a co-investment by a New York investment bank. Small companies and independent entrepreneurs use the Wings31 co-working space on the second floor.

Terms & Rates

The core of our business is economies of scale. The infrastructure to staff and monitor the first five accounts has allowed us to scale up quickly to manage social media for more and more companies at once.

Part of the efficiencies come from how we set up recurring billing. Customers pay online by direct deposit before the start of each month. Quite simply, no pay, no work. That also helps us to better plan and program the staff and avoid wasting time chasing customers.

We’re here to help growing, profitable companies; others need not apply. There are many, many clients for us to work in the universe and we take pride in selecting those we know can use our wings to grow.


Fee structure

The basic fee structure for social media management is $30 per 30 minutes. The idea is to cover one platform’s work each day for a month. Billed monthly, $30 for 30 days is $900.

Most companies start with one platform, then add to the budget based on the results. We usually start with Twitter, then add LinkedIn and Facebook or Instagram.

Companies in growth mode will engage us for 2 hours per day over 4 platforms —  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, plus usually an online WordPress platform or other application they need for marketing.

Larger companies rely on us as a fully outsourced marketing department. Online ads can become print ads; we organize media buy online and for print and billboards, and whatever required for promotion, materials, websites and direct mail and email campaigns. The sky is the limit. These contacts can be arranged hourly — typically 4+ hours per day. 


Additional hourly rates

Daily social media management is our primary service and the prices are all inclusive of the work required. Additional work by specialists costs more and always comes with a detailed scope of work before starting any new project.

Our specialists charge $120 per hour for a la carte strategic, branding, publishing or programming needs. 

The basic rate is for small companies, most of our clients. For large corporations, the bill can double as we also have to charge for additional project management staff required for working with large departments in big companies.



Payment is usually made electronically via a Paypal invoice. It can also be set as a direct withdrawal from a bank or by check, as long as it can be posted before the start of the month. Simple policy; no pay, no work.

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Business Process

“It is a fact that in the right formation, the lifting power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone.”

Wings of Commerce helps business owners reach for the skies online.

The Business Process follows a procedure to get as much information about the new client to be able to make the right strategic recommendations and then build out a small team to manage the company’s online properties and develop material for different channels.

Most new clients are coming through referrals. In some cases, we are contacting strong business that are surprisingly weak online, where our wings can make an immediate and powerful impact.

After a first contact, we schedule a meeting of our creative team and the business owner. This team is responsible for the overall strategic direction, copy and images and any new software required for each project.

After the first meeting, in person, or by phone or video conference, we produce a strategic memo laying out the overall approach we would take. Typically, a plan will include an overarching strategy, a large list of images and photographs we would compile to begin the project and sample copywriting to give the client a feel for where the campaign should go. We also outline all the different online properties where the company should be present and how each approach would differ.

If the business owner agrees with the strategy and wants to move forward, we create a contract. Once it is signed and deposits received, we go to work.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is about machine learning, or how robots can be trained what to look for and learn from what they find.

AI is at the core of our Feather programming for social media. Other applications being developed include using AI to parse stock market news published by the SEC in a software called the EdgarReader. 

Innovations are often in response to what’s needed in the market, like our url shortener, Or, anything on the request of Wings of Commerce clients.

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The Feather

The Feather is an artificial intelligence platform we built to increase social media discovery.

Managed by our expert technicians, The Feather can improve social media performance and follower growth by a factor of 10-100. Where most amateur-run accounts have difficulty gaining 1 or 2 followers per day, The Feather can generate explosive growth of up to 100 followers daily.

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Success in Commerce

This is not rocket science, it’s not alchemy and it’s not magic, but the work we did to help these companies grow online was fundamental to their success. And success in commerce is our only goal.

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