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The core of our business is economies of scale. The infrastructure to staff and monitor the first five accounts has allowed us to scale up quickly to manage social media for more and more companies at once.

Part of the efficiencies come from how we set up recurring billing. Customers pay online by direct deposit before the start of each month. Quite simply, no pay, no work. That also helps us to better plan and program the staff and avoid wasting time chasing customers.

We’re here to help growing, profitable companies; others need not apply. There are many, many clients for us to work in the universe and we take pride in selecting those we know can use our wings to grow.


Fee structure

The basic fee structure for social media management is $30 per 30 minutes. The idea is to cover one platform’s work each day for a month. Billed monthly, $30 for 30 days is $900.

Most companies start with one platform, then add to the budget based on the results. We usually start with Twitter, then add LinkedIn and Facebook or Instagram.

Companies in growth mode will engage us for 2 hours per day over 4 platforms —  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, plus usually an online WordPress platform or other application they need for marketing.

Larger companies rely on us as a fully outsourced marketing department. Online ads can become print ads; we organize media buy online and for print and billboards, and whatever required for promotion, materials, websites and direct mail and email campaigns. The sky is the limit. These contacts can be arranged hourly — typically 4+ hours per day. 


Additional hourly rates

Daily social media management is our primary service and the prices are all inclusive of the work required. Additional work by specialists costs more and always comes with a detailed scope of work before starting any new project.

Our specialists charge $120 per hour for a la carte strategic, branding, publishing or programming needs. 

The basic rate is for small companies, most of our clients. For large corporations, the bill can double as we also have to charge for additional project management staff required for working with large departments in big companies.



Payment is usually made electronically via a Paypal invoice. It can also be set as a direct withdrawal from a bank or by check, as long as it can be posted before the start of the month. Simple policy; no pay, no work.

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